Idea Lux

1.Projects and architectural design

IDEA LUX team consists of proven professionals, each one having over 10 years experience in residential and office building design. Due to that, IDEA LUX offers the most economically favourable and at the same time modern, functional and aesthetic architectural projects, completely utilizing the propertys planning indices. In the field of consulting and design, we provide the following services:

  • Agricultural land and other properties rearrangement;
  • Town planning and assistance with the project visa issuing procedures;
  • Projects and architectural design in draft, technical and operational phase;
  • 3D visualizations and project advertisement design;
  • Detailed quantity accounts;
  • Interior design and furnishing projects;


    2.1 Capital construction overall construction of residential and office buildings;
    2.2 Office and store construction;
    IDEA LUX is constructing some of BULGARIAN POST BANKs branches in the country. The projects realization includes not only the architectural part but also the installation of electric power supply, water supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Among the firms clients are also AUTOCOM, EUROMARKET, TOTAL TEST, etc;
    2.4 Finishing and repair works;
    2.5 Furnishing the firm offers Italian racks, metal cupboards as well as furnishing to order after our interior design according to the customers specific requirements;
    2.6 Windows and doors we offer the most popular in Bulgaria makes of PVC profiles: REHAU, KOMERLING, TROCAL, VEKA, WEISS PROFIL, BLICK; ETEM and ALUMIL aluminium profiles; armoured and interior doors with natural veneer and laminate.

    3.Investment project management

    IDEA LUX provides also complete construction investment project management from finding a suitable plot of land and working out a business plan to full quality and quantity control on the design and construction works. The investment project management includes the following activities:

    1. Criteria defining for choosing a plot of land;
    2. Looking for and choosing a plot of land according to the investors criteria;
    3. Legal advice on signing a real estate purchase and sale contract or transferred development right to a particular property;
    4. Carrying out the required permission procedures;
    5. Holding a design organization competition;
    6. Signing contracts with exploitation companies;
    7. Obtaining a planning permission;
    8. Holding head contractor and subcontractor competitions;
    9. Holding an independent building control firm competition;
    10. Time limit, quality and quantity control on the works done;
    11. Coordination between the construction subcontractors;
    12. Coordination in granting a permission to use the building;
    13. Marketing, sales and advertisement consultancy;

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