Idea Lux

IDEA LUX is a rapidly developing company, operating in the field of architectural design, construction, re-construction and renovation of existing premises, project management, consultancy and quality control in construction.

IdeaLux Ltd. is registered in the Central Professional register of the Builders with the decision of the Chamber of the Builders dated 12.01.08 and has a license for building high construction as well as the full range of installations and after construction works.

IDEA LUX is providing architectural design, engineering, and the full range of construction works, concerning new developments, reconstruction and renovation of office and residential premises, interior solutions, etc.
Independently of whether we are executing a turn-key project or a specific construction job, we are committed to provide the best quality up to the last detail. The experience and the competence of our employees, together with our good relations with the local administration enable us to speed up the period of receiving different types of permits for design, construction and put the building into operation in a timely manner. We are providing a full guarantee of all construction works entrusted to us and in this way trouble-free operation of the created or renovated premises.
We are committed to excellence in serving our customers, developing the potential of our employees, honoring the obligations towards our contractors and caring for the environment and communities we serve. We see our values as follows:
Quality We are committed to provide the best in service, quality and value to our customers and investors.

Commitment to Customers Our day-to-day commitment is to work in close cooperation with the investors we work for, to ensure our customers receive world-class service, delivered through efficient processes and with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Timeliness We value our time and the Investors time. Our strict organization and capacity enables us to handle the most complex projects within the contracted timeframe.

Integrity We are committed to execute each piece of work observing the interests of our Investors, using first quality materials and technologies. Any measurements are being double checked by our managers before the protocols for finished works are being transferred to the Investor.

Proactive approach Our team is set to quickly grasp the customers needs and to offer the proactive solution that will take into consideration their interests and will bring the desired results in the most economically effective way.

We believe that by retaining a high-level of ethical standards in our business we transfer intangible value to our clients.
IDEA LUX has been created to provide top quality design, construction and consultancy services. We apply the same attention, care and professionalism regardless of the size and the scope of the works entrusted to us. We are focused on the development of long-term relations with our customers, trying to perform according to their expectations. We believe we can find a custom made solution for each specific case and in this way to bring added value to our customers together with the quality and the long life of service of our products. Therefore, we analyze and fully understand the specific project requirements with regard to the different and complex aspects of design, technology, time frame and budget of your project. On the basis of this analysis we elaborate cost effective solutions, corresponding to the requirements of the Investor, and in the best interests of the society and the environment.
At the core of our business is a team of experienced professionals in the fields of urban planning and architectural design, engineering, project management and construction. It is the companys goal to retain the best of the best and maintain the highest calibre of successful specialists operating within a team environment. Our team is multilingual, able to work with both local management and government officials and with international customers and investors. The experience and the competence of our design team are put in service of the customer to provide the most economically effective and yet contemporary, modern and esthetic architecture or interior design. Our builders are experienced, trained and organized. When renovation of office premises is entrusted to us, in most of the cases we are working in shifts to ensure smooth operation and untroubled activities of the customer. We transfer the renovated premises back to the customer clean and tidy, ready for business.
We consider our employees as the main asset of our company.
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